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The Six Laws Of Software Design

A poster showing the Six Laws of Software Design

The Six Laws Of Software Design (Click to download at full size)

Whether it’s COBOL code written in the 60s or it’s a snazzy new Ruby on Rails app, fundamental laws of software design apply. Violate them at your peril.

Max Kanat-Alexander, a reader of the O’Reilly book Code Simplicity contributed this poster at O’Reilly’s Facebook page.  I loved it: and maybe you will too, if you can read it.  Which you can’t, not at the resolution it’s at on this page.  What you can do is click the image once, making it appear larger.  Click it again to see / download it in all its 1400 pixel wide glory, send it off to the large-format output of your choice, tack it on the wall and proudly announce to the world that In This Shop, We Follow The Law.

Or something like that.

Note Law #2 in particular: an elegant formula for determining the cost/benefit ratio of development.  The perfect thing to bring the corner-office people back down to earth the next time they come back from a conference all wild-eyed and desperate to implement some dubious set of capabilities for no especially good reason.