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Linux And Mainframe Blog Added To Big Iron Works Blogroll

Linux And Mainframe BlogIBM Research and Development’s Eberhard Pasch has such a strong mainframe pedigree, I’m a little embarrassed to have overlooked his blog here at Big Iron Works for as long as I have.  His Linux And Mainframe is an excellent, living resource dedicated to the meeting of Linus’s kernel and big iron.  Any blog that celebrates the 40th birthday of IBM’s VM/370 virtualization layer is a blog I’m duty-bound to link to!

The format of Mr. Pasch’s content is also a throwback to the engineering logs that the weblog grew out of.  It’s a log of issues and resolutions on the web. As such, it’s a perfect addition to any mainframer’s subscription reader.  Terse, valuable descriptions and contexts. Love it.