Big Iron Works is the guerilla mainframe and supercomputing blog.  It’s people in the know sharing what they know about everything from JCL to FPGAs to COBOL to CA7 and everything in between.  This is IT’s high priest community.  We deal in the arcane, the powerful, the fundamental and the invisible. Without the Big Ironworkers, the world’s governments and economies couldn’t count dollars, people or anything at all.  Of all the electricity consumed on this planet, its our megawatts that keep all the gigawatts flowing.  The MBAs and front office haircuts like to forget that; we’ll never let them.

Careers in Big Iron aren’t popular, but that’s temporary.  Some huge shops still have guys in their 70s, nearing 80s, maintaining COBOL code that’s been running since Eisenhower was in office.  That reality is out of step with the way the boardroom does things: foresight and long-term planning isn’t their strong suit, not in the era of the stock option and the mortgage-backed security.  So there’s a staffing crisis brewing, and Big Iron Works is going to report on it at every stage.

BIW is written by a consultant named Blue.  He’s your boy.

Contact Blue at blue@bigironworks.com